Everything is designed.
Few things are designed well.

Nice to meet you.

Blue Ink is a design studio based in Winnipeg. We love to find simple solutions to complex challenges.

Web Design

Our web design services cover customized, comprehensive and targeted requirements for your business. The utmost priority of blue ink is to assist our client’s growth. We build Member and Event Management Systems and E-Commerce sites.

Graphic Design

We offer complete graphic design services. Whether you need to build a new idea from scratch or help fine tune one you have already begun, we can help you with your finished product. Our decade-long experience is our ultimate guide in creative direction.

Video Production

We are a full service audio-visual and event production company who has built a reputation as a provider of powerful audio visual solutions for clients of all sizes across a variety of industries. We create company profiles, video ads and infographics.



Blue Ink specializes in crafting unique brand identities and online experiences.
Blue Ink took flight in 2013 to help clients claim their distinctive market position through insightful, authentic, and compelling design, writing, social media marketing and branding. Blue Ink clients include publishing companies, home care businesses, environment organizations, associations and small businesses, and anyone with a clear vision to achieve through fresh self-presentation.


Blue Ink works with you. Not for you.
Whether you’re coming to us with an idea and a dream (and a budget) or you’re already well-established and seeking better brand consistency or more than simple “maintenance”, we meet you where you are, and help you get to where you want to be.


Create and make your beautiful dream with us.

Let’s work together.

Our clients are our partners.
We work hard to create the best products for them.